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March 13, 2007:
Bill Spatz is developing Crystal Lakes, a 271-lot subdivision at the intersection of Lockhart and Burgess roads in Baton Rouge Louisiana.


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Bill Spatz is developing "Learning World", a 10,000 square-foot pre-school and children's playground next to the new Crystal Lakes subdivision and a 5,100 square-foot shopping center in Port Allen Louisiana. 


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It would appear that several different things can be considered based on a proposed marketing of the center. Look at the reputation the name has and whether a new name/logo should be chosen (run a contest for community awareness); work with the press to control the flow of information to reflect a positive image; create display windows for renovation and regular progress reports; establish regular tenant meetings to keep them involved and excited about what is going on; market the "new" center through buttons, sun shields, shopping bags, etc. to tenants and customers.

A "tag line" that identifies why people should shop here should be used in all advertising in order to get people to think about the center as a place to go.

The tone of the advertising would be determined by who is the target market and this would influence all the other decisions as to what kind of mall events would be suitable. Since we might be looking for a stronger lunch time and evening crowd, concerts on the mall, charity balls and cocktail affairs may be ways to attract the professional group.

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