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March 13, 2007:
Bill Spatz is developing Crystal Lakes, a 271-lot subdivision at the intersection of Lockhart and Burgess roads in Baton Rouge Louisiana.


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Bill Spatz is developing "Learning World", a 10,000 square-foot pre-school and children's playground next to the new Crystal Lakes subdivision and a 5,100 square-foot shopping center in Port Allen Louisiana. 


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Our operations manual details our monthly report package. Section I- entitled "Accounting" gives you a very detailed look at the type of quality report that Spatz Centers produces on a monthly basis. For example, you will receive a manual report called "Monthly Status Report" which details everything we did for you in terms of leasing, maintenance, insurance, collection, etc. This report is prepared by the Property manager and Leasing Agent assigned to the center. Also included in this monthly report package you will find your standard financial statements including, but not limited to, tenant sales report, general ledger, income statement, balance sheet, a manually produced rent roll which details all of the intricacies of all the leases and a delinquency report which details all the outstanding rental revenues due you from particular tenants.

In addition to these automatic reports, we offer you these optional reports which can be supplied at your request: A year-to-date general ledger, computerized rent roll, a lease expiration report (which details when each of the leases expire and when you can anticipate changes in the income stream accordingly). We also provide an optional report called special income statement. This statement basically details to you where you stand with regards to pro-ratable charges (common area, taxes and insurance). One special income statement could show how much real estate taxes you have paid and compare them to the amount of reimbursement you have received from your tenants. You can also receive a special income statement with regards to common area, thereby comparing all of your common area expenses to the amount recoverable from tenants. Finally, we also offer you some forecasting reports that let you track the leasing activity as well as projecting incomes for upwards of ten years.

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